Position Title: Church Organist Frankford Plains United Methodist Church, 99 Plains Road, Augusta, NJ 07822 

Additional Information: Play the organ or piano for weekly Sunday worship service at 10:00 AM under the supervision of the Pastor. This includes the prelude, offertory, selected hymns, postlude, and any other music appropriate for the nature of the service. On occasion accompany adult choir and children's choir.  Position may require additional services such as: Thanskgiving Eve, Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunrise, etc.  Organist to arrive rehearsed and prepared ½ hour prior to the start of service and will be paid on a per service basis. Additional income possibilities through community weddings and funerals.  Student organists looking for experience welcomed!Contact: frankfordplainschurch@gmail.com or 973-702-0334