• The Art of Listening - Developing Musical Perception,  Bamberger & Brofsky 
  • J. S. Bach’s Keyboard Techniques , Q. Faulkner 
  • A Biography of Leonard Bernstein,  Joan Peyser 
  • The British Organ, Cecil Clutton & Austin Niland 
  • Dietrick Buxtehude, Organist in Lubeck,  Kerala J. Snyder 
  • Catalogue of Choral Music Arranged in Biblical Order,  James Laster 
  • The Children’s Choir, Ruth Jacobs 
  • Choir Conducting, J. B. Trowbridge 
  • Church Music Explosion, Diane Bish 
  • Elementary Musicianship, Walton & Bauman 
  • The English Chamber Organ, Michael Wilson 
  • The Enjoyment of Music. Joseph Machlis 
  • The Faith We Sing, S. Paul Schilling 
  • Harmony. Walter Piston 
  • How to Lead Informal Singing, Robert Hoffelt 
  • The Hymn, Hymn Society of America 
  • Hymn Tune Names, R. G. McCutchan 
  • The Journey was Chosen, Scott M. Hyslop – The Life and Work of  Paul  Manz 
  • The Modern Conductor, Elizabeth Green 
  • Music Education in Action, Archie N. Jones 
  • Music and Worship in the Church, Austin Lovelace & William Rice 
  • Music Lovers Cyclopedia 
  • Music - The Listener’s Art, Leonard G. Ratner 
  • New Grove Musical Instruments Series - The Organ, Owen & Williams 
  • One Hundred and One Hymn Stories, Carol Price 
  • The Organs of Cambridge, Nicholas Thistlewaite 
  • Organ Literature, Vols. I and II, C. Arnold 
  • Organ Music in Print, Frankel & Nardone  (In memory of Joseph Bishop) 
  • The Organ of the Twentieth Century, G. Audsley 
  • Organ Plus, Leslie P. Spelman   (catalogue of organ with instruments) 
  • Ornamentation in Baroque and Post-Baroque Music, Frederick Newmann 
  • Planning for Church Music, James Sydnor 
  • Robinson’s Music Fundamentals 
  • The Singer’s Manual of English Diction, Madeleine Marshall 
  • Sing With Understanding, Harry Eskew & Hugh T. McElrath 
  • Ten New Plays for Church and School, E. Emurian 
  • Toward an Authentic Interpretation of the Organ Works of Cesar Franck,Rollin Smith 
  • Twentieth Century Church Music, Eric Routley 
  • When a Church Calls a Musician, Handbook for Parish Churches & Pastoral 
  • Musicians - 2nd  Ed. 1993 
  • Youth Choir, Paul Jerome Miller 

AGO Publications: 

  • Professional Concerns - Employment & Financial Concerns 
  • Service Music:  Lee Farrell’s Indexed Library –  Organ, organ and piano, anthems, oratorios, various hymnals 


  • Choral Preludes - Alpha to Omega, Ferguson 
  • Viennese Fortepiano - Mozart & Haydn 
  • A Mini-course in Hymn Playing, Woolard 
  • A Mini-course on Creative Hymn Playing, Ferguson 
  • Service Playing and Improvisation, Manz 
  • Improvisation, Gerre Hancock 

CD’s:      Organ Fireworks, Christopher Herrick Second Symphony, Vierne,  Fifth Symphony, WidorFrancois-Henri Houbart 
               Accompaniment Adaptation Practicum – John Campbell with manual                
Video Cassettes:   

  • The World’s Largest Organ Recital, No. NJ Chapter April 14, 1996 
  • Pulling Out All The Stops, AGO 
  • A Church Organist’s Primer - Registration, Allen Organ Co. 
  •                 Leading the Choir, Concordia 
  •                 The Master Series – Vol I  - Catherine Crozier 

DVDs     AGO  Master Series – Marie-Claire Alain – Vol. II